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Luoyang Winner Solar Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter which specializes in designing, researching and manufacturing of solar products. Equipped with fully-automatic production lines, the production capacity …
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Sanmenxia Industrial Park 10MW power station project
Type: Large Industrial and Commercial Distributed Power Plant; Component Model: HSM260P; Date of Integration: 2014.
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Wuwei Power Station 50MW project
Wuwei Power Station 50MW project
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Yichuan poverty alleviation 6MW power station
Location: Yichuan County, Luoyang City; Component Type: HSM265P; Date: 2017.
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Agricultural light complementary 250KW project
500-meter long double scale painting line put into use at 6th Jun 2017....
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Common faults and solutions of photovoltaic power stations
With the popularity of photovoltaics, more and more people are investing in photovoltaic power stations. Today, I will share some information about the possible failures and solutions in the daily operation of photovoltaic power stations, and provide a reference for project developers or owners.
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Mexico's photovoltaic market is growing rapidly.
n 2018, the Mexican solar thermal utilization market continued to grow. especially the solar photovoltaic market.At the same time, the new business model has also promoted the development of the Mexican solar panel.
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winner solar:using solar methanol islands to protect the global climate
According to engineer Smith from winner solar, “Solar Methanol Island”: a huge island floating in the ocean, capable of converting atmospheric carbon dioxide into methanol, inhibiting fossil fuel emissions and helping to protect our climate.
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