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Luoyang winner solar Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd.
is a new energy photovoltaic enterprises, professional and technical personnel of the company set related products and technologies, to mobilize all available resources, focus on the development of a new generation of solar cells and other related products, and vigorously promote the foreign companies for technical cooperation, strengthen the close and the links between the industry.

Actively engaged in crystalline silicon solar modules, solar street lamps and application products research and development, production and sales, and promote the use of solar photovoltaic power generation system.
Photovoltaic enterprise research center is dedicated to the research on the key technology of photovoltaic technology in the industrialization process, the conversion efficiency of the key objectives in solar cell components, improve, improve the reliability of photovoltaic products, seeking breakthroughs in photovoltaic application technology development. The development model of the center is the combination of basic research and applied research.
The main research directions include center of crystalline silicon solar cell, flexible silicon thin film battery and semiconductor thin film solar cells, perovskite solar cells, organic solar cell, photovoltaic system and photovoltaic products detection technology etc..
Crystalline silicon solar cell:
Silicon wafer defect growth kinetics and high efficiency polycrystalline silicon wafer fabrication High efficiency and low cost silicon heterojunction solar cell technology A new technology of cell metallization Dry surface texture
Thin film solar cell:
Flexible silicon based thin film photovoltaic cells and modules High efficiency compound thin film solar cells (such as CIGS and CZTS) Organic solar cells and components Perovskite solar cell
Research on reliability, detection technology and standardization of photovoltaic products:
Research on the adaptability and reliability of photovoltaic modules Study on failure mechanism of photovoltaic modules Participate in the formulation of industry standards