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Light Silk Road | China spans 20,000 kilometers to plant the sun in Argentina!
 The High Chari area of Jujuy Province in northern Argentina is the place where the South American Ridge is crossed by the Andes, with an average elevation of 4020 meters. Rizhao resources are extremely advantageous. The average annual sunshine hours exceeds 2,500 hours and the air quality is high. It is one of the most suitable regions for photovoltaic power generation in the world.
Let’s take a look at the first project that has blossomed in Argentina after China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative. The project was planned two years ago and is the first photovoltaic power plant project in Argentina and the largest photovoltaic power plant project in South America. The use of the world's advanced photovoltaic power generation technology and high-altitude construction experience will end the history of the purchase of electricity from other provinces in Jujuy Province, and achieve self-sufficiency in electricity. The project is scheduled to be completed and put into operation in October this year. It is estimated that the annual power generation will be 789,000 MWh, the annual carbon dioxide emission reduction will be 325,000 tons, and the service life will be 25 years.

Win-win "One Belt, One Road"! Create vitality

The construction site of the photovoltaic power station is located on the plateau at an altitude of 4,000 meters. The harsh natural environment such as high altitude and high cold brings great challenges to the work and life of the project staff.

Will install 1.2 million photovoltaic panels

The Argentine Gaocharay Photovoltaic Power Plant project has a total designed capacity of 315 MW, including Phase I, Phase II and Phase III photovoltaic sites and 345 kV booster stations. It covers an area of ​​700 hectares and has a total installed capacity of 1.2 million solar panels.

Argentina is more than 20,000 kilometers away from China, but the Gaocharay PV power station project is like a link that brings together China and Afghanistan.

The construction of photovoltaic power stations can supply electricity to the entire province of Jujuy. In the future, every village and every household can be powered on. China and Argentina go hand in hand to sail and sail for a win-win development!