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Nanyang 300KW plant roof photovoltaic power station
In the first quarter of 2018, Hop Solar plans to comprehensively promote and mass-produce the five-grid wire assembly, which can effectively increase the power of the assembly by 5-10W! Among them, the single crystal 60-string five-wire battery components highest power gear up to 305 watts or more! The new high-efficiency five-cell battery assembly is an important scientific and technological achievements, is also the company's technology research and development team for many years adhere to the development of quality products, the result of continuous innovation.
This technology is of great significance to the cost reduction in PV industry and the effective improvement of component efficiency. It is also a new milestone for the development of HeSheng.
All along, to enhance the output power of battery components, photovoltaic modules manufacturers are constantly exploring the issue. Grid lines as an important part of the solar cell, the battery internal photovoltaic current lead to the outside of the battery. Therefore, the gate line technology to enhance the efficiency of the development of components plays a crucial role.
Solar photovoltaic technology research and development leader introduced, compared to the previous four-grid technology, five-grid technology can increase the load capacity of components to reduce the crack, reduce power consumption. Due to the current passing through the interconnection ribbons of the five-grid wire battery is reduced, the heat accumulated in the ribbon during the actual power generation is lower, and the durability of the cell sheet is better. When subjected to external forces, 5BB battery stress distribution than the 4BB battery is more uniform, so more reliable, better load performance!
It is estimated that in the first quarter of 2018, Hop Sheng five grid wire battery components will be mass produced and shipped. Based on the cooperation of the previous four-grid battery components customer feedback is good, to win the full confidence.
Solar photovoltaic, adhere to the faith, continuous innovation, to customers more reliable design of photovoltaic products and solutions, but also the achievements of today's success!
With the continuous implementation of the "Belt and Road" and "PV Top Runner Program", highly efficient components will be more and more favored by the market. Based on customer first, integrity-based, quality first, people-oriented and constant innovation, we strive to develop more efficient components, maintain the leading position of product technology in the industry and lead the development of photovoltaic industry!