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New trends in photovoltaics | Apple, Samsung future products introduced into solar cell technology
 It is reported that Apple and Samsung are evaluating the possibility of introducing solar cells into their products in the future, especially a technology called organic solar energy, which requires only a small amount of sunlight to be converted into electricity.

In 2009, Samsung began to introduce solar cell technology into a small number of products, and installed solar cells on the back of the phone to allow users to use solar energy to charge. The Android platform phone launched this year also offers optional accessories for the solar battery back case, and Samsung plans to launch a 10-inch netbook with solar cells next month.

Apple recently reported that it will use solar cells. In 2006, Apple applied for a patent for "mobile solar cells" that could be installed on the bottom or back of the screen. In 2008, Apple applied for another patent for power management circuits and solar cell technology, which allows devices to maintain a stable voltage when using solar cells. Another patent filed in 2008 is a solar cell technology that combines screens. The larger size of the touch screen also allows the solar cell to have a larger receiving area. In 2009, Apple applied for a patent that allowed solar cells to be used on different devices, such as phones, tablets or computers.