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Mexico's photovoltaic market is growing rapidly.
 In 2018, the Mexican solar thermal utilization market continued to grow. The newly installed collector area increased by 4%, and the flat plate, vacuum tube and non-cover collector each accounted for one-third of the market share. In 2017, the Renewable Energy Industry Association FAMERAC began to include sales data reported by Inventive Power, the country's only parabolic trough collector manufacturer, in its market statistics.
The long-term loan program is part of the social housing program funded by Infonavit Bank. This program helps install 60,000 to 70,000 residential solar water heaters each year until 2018. Known as Hipoteca Verde (green loan), it provides a home investment in solar water heaters as part of a loan to build or renovate a home or apartment. One of the big advantages of the program is that families can repay their investments by saving energy costs every month for a considerable period of time.
Solar thermal solutions for industry, hotels and hospitals are attracting increasing interest from the public and international organizations. The German GIZ development agency supported ProCalSol from 2007 to 2012, including the creation of a project called Iniciativa Calor Solar to increase industrial solar heat and other industries that require large amounts of heat, such as residential and commercial. Calor Solar is a good opportunity to advocate the use of solar thermal energy in industry. This will undoubtedly help to eliminate some market obstacles.
The first step was achieved in 2017 by launching an inter-agency platform and establishing a number of standards and regulations, business models, needs and promotion working groups. In addition, the project was supported by the Mexican National Solar Energy Association ANES and the National Energy Effective Use Committee CONUEE.
Tourism is an important target market for solar heat. The committee, along with the Mexican Development Bank, has just launched a solar heating program called the hotel. Its core component is to provide free technical and financial advice for two- to four-star hotels. It makes it easier for hotels to decide on solar thermal investment, because the vendor's impartial technical advice gives the end user peace of mind and supports the loan in another way, with an interest rate of 14%. Focus the solar heat on hotels near the peninsula of Cuba.