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Mono 100W

• excellent temperature coefficient characteristics ensure stable and efficient output power at low temperatures.
• high reliability based on strict quality control, the best solution to the harsh environment.
• lower linear attenuation, 25 year output power assurance, product traceability of 100%, can provide customers with product design and customization services.
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Maximum Power PMAX(WP) Mono100W Mono180 Poly170W
Maximum Power Voltage VMP(V) 20.16 20.16 19.9
Maximum Power Current IMPP(A) 4.96 8.92 8.54
Open Circuit Voltage VOC(V) 23.58 23.76 23.22
Short Circuit Current ISC(A) 5.81 9.64 9.36
Solar Cells Mono-crystalline 156*156mm(6 inch) 
Cell Orientation 36 cells (4*9) 
Module dimensions 1216*556*35mm (47.87*21.88*1.38 inch)
Weight 9 Kg (19.84 lb)
Frame Anodized aluminium alloy
J-Box IP 68, MC compatible

Exhibition & Certificate

Question 1. : Can I have a sample order for solar panel?

Answer 1. : Sure, we are glad to provide solar panel samples for customer to make a test to check the quality.

Question 2. : How long is the warranty of your solar panel?

Answer 2. : We provide 10 year product warranty and 25 year linear performance warranty for our solar panels. 

Question 3. : Which country you mainly export to?

Answer 3. : More than 80% of our solar panels are exported. And we have exported mainly to Japan, Turkey, Pakistan, Brazil, India, Argentina and so on. We sincerely welcome customer from all over the world to visit our factory and witness our full-automatic solar panel production line.

Question 4. : How about the lead time of your solar panel?

Answer 4. : Normally we do have stocks, thus we can arrange for shipment within 7 days. But if you have special requirements or big quantity, we would have to produce accordingly. And we can produce about 450 PCS of solar panels per day. That is the lead time would be very favorable.

Industry average
3.5% lower
Transportation costs
3% lower
Land costs
2% lower
Installation costs
1% lower
Bos costs
EC Standard Test
Thermal cycling,200 cycles
Damp heat 1000 hours
Humidty freeze 10 cycles
Hot spot endurance 5 hours
EC Standard Test
Thermal cycling,200 cycles
Damp heat 1000 hours
Humidty freeze 10 cycles
Hot spot endurance 5 hours
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