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Off-grid PV System
Understanding Off-grid PV system
All the stand-alone photovoltaic products, including photovoltaic panels, battery, controller, inverter, bracket, cable and control box. After installing the utility model, this model can be started by connecting the electrical equipment to the power socket of the control box.

To 380 V, 220 V voltage level, the system will be stored during the day to generate electricity, power generation is not satisfied with the use of power supply. The system is controlled by the controller to charge and discharge process, when the PV module is used to give priority to the use of electrical appliances, spare parts stored in the battery. When the photovoltaic module can not generate electricity, the controller uses the electric energy stored in the storage battery to meet the needs of the electric appliance.
Stability of load carrying capacity of power frequency inverter system
● High conversion efficiency;
● Overload protection/short-circuit protection function;
● Temperature compensation function;
● Displayable working status.
Component 25 year linear warranty and global warranty
We provide the longest 25 years of linear warranty for PV components, to ensure that the annual decay of less than 1%, not less than twenty-fifth of the initial component of the power of the year, the warranty period, we provide free repair service.
Lifetime service
We provide a full set of photovoltaic systems for life - long service,service with long-term tracking for the use of photovoltaic systems.
1,Rigorous and meticulous customer tracking.
Rigorous and detailed file management, regular telephone call back or door maintenance, long-term tracking of the use of your home PV system.
2,Efficient response mechanism.
After strict training of maintenance personnel, you can appear in your immediate need of your side, the implementation of standardized after-sales maintenance management procedures.


Application scope
Off-grid PV system application range
Road Lighting
irrigation system
Solar street lamp
without electricity
Field acquisition